I think you need to be upfront when hiring that is the company culture. We're are going to hire you but you have a chance of being fired within a month.

Back in my younger days, I remember being asked to evaluating an engineer. He was not very good at that point but he showed desire and had a great attitude. So I recommended him. He didn't learn fast enough so he was let go.

I initially thought that I at least gave him an opportunity but what someone explained to me was that person quit their job and now is a worse position of being unemployed.

So interviews is just not about getting the right person but making sure you don't screw someone over by hiring them and leaving them high and dry.

I started using SAM because I didn't need to worry about other cloud solutions besides AWS. I didn't want to add extra complexity that I would not use.

But every time I needed something more complex, I struggled looking at SAM documentation while I could easily find a serverless framework solution.

So I moved to serverless and never looked back.

It has always felt that serverless frameworks was written by developers who actually use the technology while SAM felt like an afterthought from AWS.

I started with SAM but eventually moved to serverless framework (serverless.com). Severless was made to be cloud agnostic so I didn't want that overhead.

But it turns out that serverless has more support (if you're googling for how to do things, you get more hits from serverless) and more developer friendly.

On of the best features is deploying just the code changes. This speeds up development time as a just code deployment is around ~3 seconds vs ~30 seconds for deploying the whole resource.

I really liked how we designed our websocket architecture. After all the infrastructure is written, it’s easy to use and fast to implement new features.

Why Websockets?

Websockets is used for bidirectional communication. Browsers usually communicate only one direction. The browser requests information from the backend. Without bidirectional communication, to get the…


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